Monday, February 2, 2009

Making fun in Kensington

Besides being a word tinker I am a pretty damn good maker of hockey masks and auto parts. Back in the early 90’s I used to make hockey masks in my basement at 399 East 4th. You know when you’re single you could just about do anything without someone else telling you it’s bad for your health. Oh the smell of fiberglass resin in the morning, there's nothing better let me tell you.

Then later I learned the art of some very complex silicone mold making. Shown above are two actual headlight bezels that I made for my 1970 Cuda. They are made of plastic and were manufactured right here in Kensington Brooklyn. Now silicone is a lot safer, thats the stuff you can bake muffins in. And the plastic, well, it's not really bad unless you drink it.

Looks like real hard stuff huh?
Well, when you have fun doing something you like,
it's never hard. No, it's just fun!

Ron Lopez

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Anonymous said...

Dude your makin me look bad, seriously, that is fantastic work! you know what you could be doing in the after market parts biz? My uncle had graduated from Pratt, pretty much mastered this technique of soft molds, and had a company in the city called Display Masters, he made all the Johnny walker, and other figurines for liquor stores, nice Parquet floor! Will