Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hey, what happened to my cheap gas?

Wow, this really sucks, the price of gas is actually going up.

Now, I know the oil companies are not trying to screw us again,
no, they would never do that. And the billions and billions of dollars
they make every quarter is all donated to charity too.

So I’m never for one moment going to think that the oil companies
are raising the price of gas, no, not for one minute. That’s because
it must be some hurricane, or solar eclipse that’s doing that.
Because the price of a barrel of oil hasn’t really gone up much and
I know the people that run those oil companies would never be
greedy. No they're our friends you know.

Psst…I’m finally selling my bridge too.
Just drive down to Tillary Street and you can see it.
It’s made of stone and steel and needs a paint job.

But don’t tell anyone because
Bloomberg thinks it belongs to him.

And that just isn’t so.

Ron Lopez

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