Sunday, February 8, 2009

Having a Fit in Brooklyn

If you grew up in Brooklyn you must remember the time when people used to steal parts off cars parked in Kensington. Let’s see, there were Cadillac bumpers and taillights from GM station wagons, along with emblems that used to vanish from the hoods of Mercedes Benz’s.

Some would end up in junkyards, while others would end up in the pockets of kids who went to Ditmas back in 1972.

Hey, one time on my block, someone even stole the driveshaft of Doctor Langsam’s 1971 Plymouth Fury.

There were also radios, cb’s and bowling balls stolen from cars, and I’m sure all this still happens here in Brooklyn. Except today it’s GPS’s and other fancy electronic toys.

Now I hear the big thing is stealing Honda Fit tires. Those things are about the size of regulation Frisbee, what the hell would someone need them for?

So the other day as I was driving through Bay Ridge. And sure enpugh there was a Blue Honda Fit balancing on two red milk crates and a jack under the bumper. All the tires were missing and the car looked sadly naked.

The scence perplexed me.
A Honda Fit?
The thing looked just like my sons go-cart,
it was even the same color blue.

So when I got to work I goggled “Honda Fit stealing tires”.

Well, it seems like guys who drag race the bigger Honda Civic’s use these tires on their front wheels when they race. I guess the fact that they are smaller and skinnier makes sense. It’s a “drag racing” thing you know, even I had skinny front tires on my 70 Cuda back in
the 1984.

But still it must suck to wake up and find your car without the wheels. But then again we still live in Brooklyn.

Ron Lopez

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Anonymous said...

About a year ago, when my 2008 Fit was brand new, I had a (just one!) tire stolen off of it at Ditmas and E.8th.

Pain in the butt.