Thursday, February 5, 2009

To all my cars I loved before

In 1976 I bought my first car, a 1973 Buick Century.
Had more fun in this car than any other. One time I
even drove it through the woods on a camping trip.
Oh, your first always remember it.

In 1979 I bought a car to tinker around with.
A 1970 Plymouth Cuda. Took it to many Islander
games and drove it up to Canada with my ex-wife
many times. I still have it, and it still looks great.

Oh God, the Monte Carlo!
Now I bought this baby in 1986 right after I
married Jessica, my first wife. The car had only
11 thousand miles on it and somehow ended up
with a target-master 350 engine. This car could
really fly and was later known as the "Jade East"
on wheels. After my divorce I really had a ball
with this car you know. Used to get chased by
the cops all the time by the Verrazano, Prospect
Park and Plum Beach.

The Green Cuda.
The green Cuda was purchased right after I was
dumped by an old girlfriend. I guess it was my way
of getting my mind off her. That was October of 89,
I think I spent 1400 to buy this car. And yes I still
have this car and drive it once and a while here in

Now the Thunderbird was the first "new" car I
ever bought. One Christmas night the Monte
barely made it home from Florida New York,
so the next day I just decided to buy a new car.
Man, the decisions were so easy to make when
I was single. Just me and my shadow and a
brand new car. This thing was fast and cool just
like me. But then I got married and it was
all about to end!

So you grew up in Kensington and always
heard all these horror stories about Fort Greene.
The shootings, killings, robberies, etc.
Well guess what Ronnie, your future wife just
bought a Brownstone in Fort Greene and she
wants you to move in. My Thunderbird parked
on the street? Are you nuts! And in Fort Greene
no less! Must go to plan B, keep the woman but buy
a piece of shit car to park in Fort Greene.
Thus in 1997 I bought this 1977 Dodge Aspen.
And to this day I am always reminded about
it from my wife. No, she was not happy with
my decision. Nor all the people who used to
try to flag us down on Fulton Street because they
thought we were car service.

Whats happens after you get married and have a
baby? Yeah, thats right, you buy a piece of shit Volvo
that overheats and has no air conditioning. You go
from a brand new Thunderbird that can cruise at 110
mph like nothing, to a crapmobile that goes form
zero to sixty in 110 minutes. I got rid of my red
Thunderbird "Booty-Mobile" for this????

The Ford Wagon in 2001.
Ok, so after the Volvo we decided to buy something
newer. Thus the 1999 Ford was purchased used from
a dealer out on Long Island. This car was great and
had a sun-roof. Wow, I never had a sun roof before!
And man was this baby good in the snow. One time
we drove home from upstate in 10 inches of snow.
This car was a tank I tell you!

Hey, have some extra home equity money?
Feeling bored with your Ford?
Well how about a new Nissan Quest?
I am still out on my opinion of this van.
It totally SUCKS in the snow and the doors
get frozen shut every time it snows.
But still after about 75,000 miles not
too many issues to say it's bad.

So there you go, just follow the cars from
when I was single until I got married and had
kids. From supercars to a minivan.

Oh, but don't worry I still have a few of them if
I decide to have my mid-life crisis someday.

Ron Lopez

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Anonymous said...

Too funny, you can always tell were your at in life by your car.When the hell do I get my muscle car? Nice Cudas! Will