Saturday, February 28, 2009

Go play in traffic on Ocean Parkway

"Hey kid, do me a favor and go
play in traffic on Ocean Parkway"

For those who grew up on my block that was a classic line recited over and over to the little kids that used to annoy the living hell out of us on East Fourth.

And not once did one of their parents get mad at us about what we said. Nor did that little kids drive his "Big Wheel" over into the center lane under the glowing green lights of Ocean Parkway.

I guess those same kids annoyed their parents just as well, and they were probably smarter than we thought too.

But hell, we were all like family when we grew up here, so whats the difference anyway.

And today some of those annoying kids are now my best friends.



Anonymous said...

A shorter version used on Staten Island in the 70s and 80s was "Go play in traffic."

Pete said...

Hey do you remember Brooklyn Day? First Thursday in June when they actually CLOSED Ocean Parkway to traffic and we got to ride our bikes across all lanes there? Try and do that today.....

Laura said...

OMG! Reading your acconts of life in Kenningston,especially of East 4th St is a blast from the past. I grew up on Ave C and East 4th,in the apartment building on the corner.

Anonymous said...

Pete brought up a great thing, I remember every year my church, the one on the corner of E8th, and Beverly, would join in a big parade up Ocean Pkwy. I have some old pictures from the late 50's of it. Yeah, you can never do that today, Will p.s. Laura never admit you lived in that apartment house, just kidding, Im just refering to some older posts. Will