Friday, September 4, 2009

The Best Medicine

Although it’s long gone in the world of roller hockey the “Scotch 88” holds a dear spot in the hearts and minds of many old and gray roller hockey players. The smell of the tape, the feel of the sharp edges, along with the “Quoop” sound the plastic container makes when you open it up for the first time.

Hey boys, you know up in Brooklyn the days are starting to feel crisp again in the mornings. And I’ve even seen some leaves dropping off
a few trees here and there.

So why don’t you get out some “3 in 1” and start dripping it into those bearings, change those old laces that have more knots in them than a new groom before he gets married. And fetch that old stick in your basement that has a player stamped on the side that retired over 30 years ago.

Because the best medicine in the world smells like PVC
and still makes a “Quoop” sound when you open it up.

Ron Lopez


Pete said...

Ronnie -

You know you and I have played Phil and Tony since we were like 11, so I'm right there with ya pal. A new Sctotch 88, a cool, crisp Fall morning, a new WOODEN hockey stick, some quads and a neat, flat surface - with you in, I'm looking forward to October 4th when all of the 40+ and 50+ year olds try and stumble through a couple of hours to recapture our youth. I've played ice hockey for most of the last 30 years and I had the most fun just scrimmaging around in roller hockey - not even the organized games, just the goofing around we always did after school and on weekends.


Paul said...

I stumbled upon your blog. You do a great job--very nice writing. Even though type 88 isn't used anymore it was the inspiration for the first manufactured puck, the Jofa Speed puck. That puck is nothing more than type 88 with thumb tacks to made it slide better. The center hole of a type 88 puck is replaced by the three open areas to make the puck a bit softer and roll less. Every other puck put on the market since the Jofa has incorporated the thumb tack idea and many are either recessed in the center or contain open space.