Thursday, September 24, 2009

Readers Comments, you got to love them!

Ron -

Just came across your web site today, and couldn't get enough of it. Not sure how our paths never crossed, at least I can't remember if they did. Here are just a few mentions of common references.

I was born in August 58 in Brooklyn and lived near Caton Ave,
betw E7 & E8. My father was born in that house in 1917.

Inky was in my class at IHM, I graduated from there in 1972.
His mother was I believe a crossing guard.

My mother taught at IHM from 1965 - 1981

The Gili twins I believe were a year older than me.

Eileen O'Callaghan was in my class, too, as was Ralph Pabon,
Peter's older brother. Joey Matera was in that class as well.
Somewhere I have a class picture from either 6th or 7th grade
that I'll have to scan in

From 75-78, I worked at the Grand Union on McDonald Ave. Think a Paul McNally may have worked there too. Have a distinct memory of closing the store down the night of the blackout of 77, thinking I caused it by turning off the outside lights.

Don't have access to a lot of photos right now. Here is a short video of my christening at IHM, about 1/2 thru, I'm being carried into the E. 4th st. door to the church. My kids look at the video and ask 2 questions, where's the sound and how come there's no car seat!

Also, spent many a Friday evening racing slot cars at Buzz-a-rama. I remember the owners there and they were on the tall side. Years later I remember the son playing basketball at PS 230 playground.

Never was a big fan of Korner Pizzaria as I recall they placed a screen under the pizza and it was usually soft.

I'm sure there was more, but hopefully these establish my credibility.

Mike Murphy

Thanks for the comments Mike, I'm sure you also worked with
Nunzio Competiello over at Grand Union back then as well.

Ron Lopez


Donna DiPierno Lombardi said...

I grew up on Albemarle Road and graduated IHM in 1974. When I was in the second grade I broke my leg rollerskating on the block with the Locke girls. The new school was being built and we were being sent up to a public school in Park Slope. I couldn't get to the school with my cast and crutches so my teacher, Mrs. Murphy (your mom?) would pick me up in her car every morning and drive me. I felt so special, she was the best and I'll never forget her! My house was right across from Grand Union, who could forget going "downstairs" with your green stamp books. It was like buried treasure. Keep up the great work with this blog. Hearing all these names from my past (Gilli, O'Callahan, Matera) has brought back incredible memories. Thanks and I'll keep reading.
Donna DiPierno Lombardi

Mike Silvestri said...


Great to see you guys on this site. Ron has done a great job and some of the stuff written brings back good memories of IHM, East 5th, PS 230, PS 130 and for those of us who lived in the southern part of the parish, PS 179. I hear there is a big IHM reunion on November 6th. Hope all is well,

Mike Silvestri

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike. Hope all is well on your end. have you been back to Kermit Place lately? Things have changed some! Thanks Donna for the PS 10 reminder, Used to love bus rides. Bus no. 253; the bus driver was a maniac. Hadn't heard about the November 6th reunion, but just got word of an East 5th Street Softball League Reunion on Saturday November 7 at East 5th Street Park. I believe Randy Reis is organizing it. Maybe I'll maake a weekend of it. Be well.

Pete Pabon

Joey said...

...My uncle Carl was the grocery manager in the Grand Union-- and before that when it was Bohack.