Monday, September 21, 2009

Here come the 80's again

Sorry to hear about all that stuff happening just a couple blocks North of me up East 4th. Living here my whole life I have seen 77 Caddie bumpers vanish overnight, 79 Chevy Impala tail lights stolen, and even a 71 Plymouth Fury drive shaft taken from good ol Doctor Langsam's car one night. But don't take this stuff lightly folks, car owners or not. Because after the tires and gps's are gone, these people may end up in your living room at night as well. Yes, in the late 70's and 80's we experienced all that here in Kensington.

From Joy Rich...
"The theft of car wheels is being reported to at least one other police precinct. The article "Cops busy with 'hot wheels,'" on the front page of the September 17th issue of the newspaper "Kings Courier," talks about the theft of car wheels in the 61st Precinct, which covers Manhattan Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Homecrest, and parts of Midwood.

In that precinct, the wheels most frequently stolen are from the 2009 Maxima. "Trying to stem the tide, the precinct identified 120 residents in the 61st Precinct who own '09 Maximas and alerted them to the spree of thefts. In a letter sent out by the precinct, Maxima owners were encouraged to invest in tire locks, as well as other precautions, like making sure their cars are parked in well-lit areas."

You might want to go to a meeting of your local precinct's community council, your local community board, and your local neighborhood association. For Kensington, the meetings are listed http://karmabrookly n.blogspot. com. For Windsor Terrace, they're listed at http://windsorterra cealliance. org/calendar. html.


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