Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What’s there not to understand?

I get a kick out of all these people against anything that’s trying to be done to correct our shitty ass healthcare system. I’ll put it to you in simple terms:

If I lost my job and had to pay health insurance for my wife and two kids I’d be looking at something like 2500 - 3500 bucks a month.

So what’s there not to understand?

Most people are not in my position to pay this kind of money so they just don’t pay it. If they get sick, they go to the emergency room and pay nothing. Thus good old Ronnie Lopez ends up paying for them through my high premiums.

So what’s there not to understand?

If everyone had to have health insurance like car insurance more money would be in the pool and the premiums would be much less than 3500 bucks a month. Because let me tell you there are a hell of a lot more people walking on the streets than lying in hospital beds.

So what’s there not to understand?

Yeah, lets just keep it the way it is and let me keep paying for you.
Because that just makes sense, right?

Ron Lopez


Alaina said...

People don't understand the benefits of a public option for health insurance and health insurance reform because they don't want to understand the benefits. No matter how logical the argument, they refuse to admit that is a good thing. It is very sad.

Michael said...


Josh said...

Well said Ronnie!

Anonymous said...

Sorry all. I beg to differ. Reforming healthcare? Reforming has such a "curing" sound to it. I'm not going down this road. I'm sorry that this wonderful place known as Kensington Stories has taken such a political turn. A sad day. Now we can be just like all the other fun places poisened by politics. There's so many other venues for these discussions. I'm sorry that this crap has shown up here.

Ron Lopez said...

Yes Charlie, I should have known better to bring up this stuff here. I'll save it for "Classmates.com" at least I never have to see those people!