Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Nassau Coliseum

The other day I heard this story about how Gary Bettman called the Nassau Coliseum the worst facility in the NHL. And that Nassau County needs to build a new building before the Islanders move somewhere else in the country.

Well, the funny thing is when the team was winning Stanley Cups back in the 80's, I never cared once about the ugly concrete building they played in. In fact it was kind of tough looking and rough just like the Islanders were back then.

No, give me a winning team before a new building,
because the building doesn't win Stanley Cups,
no, the players on the ice actually do that.

And you should know better Mister Bettman.

Ron Lopez

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There is a nice facility in Glendale Arizona that Mr. Bettman might want to have moved to Nassau as it doesn't seem to be serving any purpose there.
Mark O