Friday, September 19, 2008

Kensington saves Sarah Palin

So, here's Kensington's and East 4th Street's own
Eddie O'Callahan up in Alaska "looking into things".

You know that "troopergate" thing and Sarah Palin?

Well, Eddie we still love you no matter who you are
trying to help. And I'm glad to see you doing something
useful with your life besides writing a blog.

I know you must be telling everyone about Kensington
and growing up in Brooklyn. Is that my picture on that
foamcore board? Don't forget to tell McCain about the
time you helped me carry that ping pong table down into
my basement and it almost crushed you when I dropped it.

And tell Sarah that you played hockey too,
just like her son. And both our moms were
"hockey mom's" too!

Except they never had to drive us anywhere,
no, all they did was watch us from the stoop
on East 4th street.

Ron Lopez
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1 comment:

clueuin said...

Ron, nice writing as always.
Hey,How did you get your counter on your blog. I can't get mine on there.
Thanks in advance for your help!