Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Working in Brooklyn

This picture was taken at the factory where my mother worked.
It was called Kaisers, and was located on DeKalb Avenue in
Clinton Hill Brooklyn.

My mom was a seamstress and used to work on ladies gloves.
Later in life when she lived in Kensington, she was simply known
as "Stella the dressmaker".

She made everything from wedding dresses to children’s clothes
and "bell bottoms" for my good friend Tommy Brennan when
he was five years old. She also made me some really wild shirts
in the 70’s that I’m sure my son would love today.

This photo was taken around 1940.

Buy the way, the factory is now a condo, and I was able to
take my mom to see it before she died in 2001.

My mom is on the right hand side, She is the third from the
bottom next to her sister Beatrice, who is wearing a hat.

Beatrice is still alive and lives in Toms River New Jersey.

Ron Lopez
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