Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunrise in the Catskills

This is a picture taken early one morning from the front porch of our
house up in Colchester New York.

The nights up in the mountains are starting to get quite chilly and
it can actually snow up there in late September.

New York City is somewhere towards the right hand side of the
picture and about 150 miles away.

Forget about racoons in Windsor Terrace, a pretty big size black
bear walked right by my wife one morning while she was working
in her garden.

She was so scared!

Oh, I mean the bear,
my wife's screaming sent the poor
thing way back up in the mountain.

And still after fifty years of going up
there I have yet to see one myself.

Ron Lopez
Photo by Virginia Priest
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1 comment:

clueuin said...

Oh you! LOL
Go hug your wife!
'Cause obviously you can't go and hug the bear. LOL