Thursday, September 25, 2008

Staying young at 51

You know I have this theory about feeling young
when you’re getting old and look like hell.

Just do the same things that you did when you were
fifteen years old, that's all. And if you were roller hockey
goalie like me, you can always put a mask over
your face to cover the gray hair and wrinkles.

It’s funny, no matter how old I get, whenever
I play hockey with my cousin Pete, I always feel
like I’m still fifteen years old.

Oh sure, the knees sometimes hurt and the puck tends
to find it's way into the net a lot more than 35 years ago.
But what the hell, it sure beats worrying about the
economy and losing my job.

And sometimes a real hard blow to the head makes
you totally forget about everything, well, at least for
ten minutes or so, but at least it’s fun while it lasts.

These pictures were taken last Spring up in Florida
New York. The town where my cousin moved
to back in 1979 when he left Brooklyn.

I hope to be playing this fall with Pete and
using our AARP cards to get a discount on pucks.

You know they send you that F_ _ king card the day
after your 50th birthday.

What a bunch of creeps!

Ron Lopez
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clueuin said...

[Chanting]: "Here we go Ron, Here we go, [Clap, clap,clap], Here we go Ron, Here we go!
Looking good Ron Lopez! ;)

Anonymous said...

he looks like he would be good