Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sarah Palin, Eddie O’Callaghan and a cold radiator in Kensington Brooklyn

Tonight as I was watching CNBC I saw one of the O’Callaghan boys briefly
flash on the screen.
It was something about the “troopergate” scandal and Sarah Palin.

Now for all you people
that don’t know the O’Callaghan’s, They were a great big Irish family that grew up across the street from me on East 4th.

I think there was something like ten of them, and they were all really smart kids. The boys, Neil, Eddie, Andrew and Mark were also excellent roller hockey players and a real fun bunch of guys that always hung out on our stoop.

In fact, I saw the whole family recently for the funeral of their father good old "Mister O" down on Flatlands Avenue.

Now Eddie was the youngest of the boys and always liked to play goalie for me. In fact, I used to test the “homemade” goalie masks I made by having Eddie wear them. I would place Eddie in front of the goalie net in full equipment and then "accidently" shoot the puck at his head. He was an excellent “test dummy” and rarely complained when the puck would “ding” off his mask. Eddie was about five years old at the time while I was about fifteen. I think I told Eddie years later what I was actually doing and he just laughed. Because that was the wonderful thing about the O’Callaghan’s, they always laughed.

And Eddie like the rest of the O’Callaghan’s was also as "smart as a whip". He won a full scholarship to college and then went on to law school. Eddie currently works for the United States Government as a District Attorney and is involved in many "high profile" cases.

Eddie was also my second floor tenant along with his brother Andrew, who also became a lawyer. Andrew sadly died about ten years ago, and we all still miss him a lot.

Now I had a bum radiator in the back room where Eddie slept, the damn thing would never get warm at all. So every time my mothers apartment was about 105 degrees and the radiators hissed like snakes, I knew Eddie turned up the thermostat so his room wouldn’t be that cold.

And as usual I would go downstairs and turn it down from the 95 degrees it was cranked up to.

"Sorry Ronnie, but my room was getting really cold"

"Eddie, just turn it down before you go to bed, OK?"

I think my heating bill for that winter must have been about eight thousand dollars!

So what does Sarah Palin have to do with all this?

Well, it seems that Eddie is some how working on the “troopergate” investigation. According to CNBC he was hired by the McCain people to “look into things”.

I really don’t talk politics on this blog, but all I can say is I was proud to see a real “Son of Kensington” in the National Spotlight.

Oh, and by the way I finally fixed that stupid radiator,
And Eddie, aren't you glad those homemade goalie
masks I made actually worked?

Ron Lopez
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