Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ah, sorry, I don't think so

You can show me all the advertising you want about GM
and whatever new product they have to offer. But, um, sorry
guys, I'm still not going to buy a GM car with all the talk of
you people going belly up.

And it isn't because I'm not a good American. No, no, not
at all, in fact I actually own a couple of 70 Plymouth Cuda's and
a 68 American Motors AMX. And their classics you know, as
American as apple pie and the Fourth of July rolled
in one. So, no, don't accuse me of being un-American.

And I don't know how many times I have to tell you that
a 30,000-dollar car is a hell of a lot different from a five
hundred dollar washing machine.

Maytag going belly up equals a good deal for me.

GM going belly up equals a car I would never buy
because I ride in it along with the wife and kids.

Psst...I don't ride in my washing machine guys.

Oh, but then there was that time Neil O’Callahan
put me inside a dryer at the laundromat on
Church Avenue back in 1978.

What the hell were we drinking that night anyway?


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