Friday, March 20, 2009

Readers Comments

Ok, so I love some of the comments I get on some of my stories, and I feel compelled to publish them front and center. Here's one from Randy Reiss, one of my old hockey buddies from Avenue F. This comment's about the "Beverly", our old movie house that used to stand where the "T-Mobile" store is now. Oh yes, that stain on the screen from when Stevie McNally threw that egg so many years ago.

"I remember when it was 50 cents, and the stain was there then too. And so was the short fat cranky matron (yes she would walk up and down the aisles with her flashlight). She was always yelling at me and Inky to put out those cigarettes! We were only 9 or 10, so we'd go smoke in the bathrooms. The Beverly was our playground.... we'd put folded ketchup packets under the rubber bottoms of the toilet seats and wait for the explosion when someone say down and got covered with ketchup. Years later, we'd drink in the balcony on Friday and Saturday nights and Steven Gumpert would beat up anyone who had the guts to yell "Quiet!" up at us. Inky and I went to the premier of the Poseidon adventure, sat in the 1st row, smoked some funny stuff, and laughed out lot hysterically the whole movie. Great memories!!!"

Thanks Randy

And more from other loyal readers...

"As a child the Beverly Theatre was "majestic" to me, a place to let my imagination run wild."

"AHHH yes the stain how hilarious. I loved that theatre. $1 movies. All 5 ape pix for $1 too. AND the sticky floors. My mom said she always felt itchy in there. After that-I always imagined things crawling on my skin and I'd be scratching when I was there. BUT I still loved the place. Where could you go on a Fri or a Sat and WALK and pay $1 and see a movie and then go to Korner Pizza for a slice and walk home? What a great local economical evening of entertainment OR a rainy sat or sun? THE BEST. Sorry to see that movie house go!"

Thank you all!!!
Ron Lopez


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