Monday, March 9, 2009

Kensington Boy Scout Troop 140 (1951-1968)

Ok, thanks to Will Roll we have more pictures of Kensington history
dating back to 1951. This was a boy scout troop that used to be
on Beverly Road somewhere near East 8th street. I think the small
church is actually still there where they were based.

Will, feel free to describe in the comments section anything you
would like to about these photo's.

Thanks again and I'll post the rest soon!


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Anonymous said...

Ron, thanks for putting these up, I hope some of your readers will recognize themselves or there friends, or something in these old slides from our scout master Frank Betts. Ill try to i.d. some of these guys and maybe my brother will get on and fill in the blanks. In the 1st pic,ist row, Rodney Coutto, ?,?, 2nd, Scott Ross w/arrow flag, my brother Michael Roll, Anthony Convery, my other brother Russell Roll w/ flag, 3rd, George Waller,?,?.

Anonymous said...

2nd pic, bot. row, R.roll, ?, Billy Barry( Owned deli on Church and 8th.) mid. row, G. Waller, M. Roll,?, top, George Pagan.3rd, pic shows Frank Betts on rt. Richie York to his left. this is outside Beverly Presbyterian church.4th pic, has Marty Ryan on the floor, his father owned Ryans bar, and Im sure Denny Ryans in here somewhere.WillRoll

Anonymous said...

Skipping down to the 10th pic. This was a parade that I remember attending years latter, It was officially the Brooklyn sunday school day parade( this one was in the mid 50's) it was a joining of all the Protestant churches along Ocean Pkwy, and believe me I called my 83 year old mother to check my facts. Im still waiting to see if I can i.d. the last pics faces. Will