Monday, December 15, 2008

Ave F Reunion

For all you old timers like me, there are many faces here you might know. This picture was taken a few years ago at Avenue F and McDonald right after our 30 year reunion game. Thats me the green goalie with my son.

Ron Lopez


Anonymous said...

Can you set this image up to enlarge when you click on it like the ones you posted before? I can't get it to open up, Thanks,Will

Cousin Pete said...

I'll try to name some of the adults - from the far left: Bobby Gelling, Dennis Hart, Mickey Pierce, Glenn Gruder. (don't remember the guy in black in the back), Ron Lopez, Alfred Guerrero (you see him opening the door at MSG for the Rangers to come on and off the ice), (can't recall the guy in back with the baseball hat), Charlie Gilli, down front is Tom Brennan and the guy in back with glasses is Jimmy Spinner, Pete (can't remember his last name, but he played for the Kings), me (Pete Liria) next to Brennan, Can't see the guy in back, Jimbo Drudy, don't remember the gut in front with the shorts, Bobby O'Shaughnessy in green,and I don't remember the rest.