Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Before Kensington there were Cows

You know one day before I die I’m going to get to see those
long lost pictures of Kensington from the 1800’s.

That’s because the O’Callaghan’s who all grew up across the
street from me, claim to have all these pictures of Kensington
when it was just farmland.

You see, the house they grew up in has been in their family,
actually the Casey family since the 1800’s. And according
to legend they were first Irish around.
Well, at least on my block, East 4th street.

Do you know the “Margaret Court” the small apartment
house on East 4th between Beverly Road and Avenue C.
Well, according to the O’Callaghan’s it was actually a tennis
court that belonged to their great, great, grandmother
Margaret Casey. So thus the name “Margaret Court”.

One if the conditions when they sold the property
was that the building be named after their great, great
grandmother. Otherwise "no deal" as the story goes.

Yeah, the O’Callaghan’s house was the first house on
the block, surrounded by pastures and grazing cows.

And one of the last things I’m ever going to do before I die
is badger them long enough to get those pictures and post
them on the blog.

Ron Lopez

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Steve said...

Please do, I'd love to seem them too

Your writing is immersive, I like it a lot. Keep them coming!