Monday, December 1, 2008

Church Avenue and stores that never left

Ok, so the photo of the old Beverly is something else right?
Well, according to what I was reading this picture was taken
sometime in the early 1950's.

Now even that's way before I was born!
And then I started to notice some of the stores right
next to the Beverly.

First there was a Jewish Deli, you really can't see the name
of it because of the marque. It lasted all the way into
the 70's. It may have been "Saul's Appetizing".

Then there was "Dutch Dairies", a little grocery store.
That place too was there in the 70's

And then our favorite bachelor party in the "backroom"
joint Scarola's. Now that place was there into the 90's
as far as I can remember. It was also a real nice little
Italian restaurant.

There are other stores further down towards East 2nd,
but the picture gets a little fuzzy.

So what's my point?
Well, my point is we had stores that lasted on Church
Avenue for anywhere from 25 to 40 years back then.

Now you're lucky if a new store lasts six months before
it goes out of business.

Where have we gone wrong is all I ask?

Ron Lopez

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Mark Brody said...

I stumbled across this blog and love it. I grew up on Tehama Street in the mid 50's and through the 60's and remember from that block not only "Saul's appetizing" where the "lox wings" were free for the asking but also Scarola's (my first date) and a little way's up a Loft's candy store (maybe the corner of East 2nd??). I think it was the next block that housed the Nom Tong Tea Garden restaurant with the best tomato egg drop soup in the land. Can you even find that soup anywhere anymore?
Thanks for these wonderful memories.....