Sunday, November 30, 2008

Just one last look at the old Beverly

The other night when I was walking home form the subway
I couldn’t help but notice the metal gates that were fully open
where the “Deal 99 cent store” used to be.

The inside of the place was totally bare, it was vast and empty
except for a few guys welding in the back. I hear a new bank is
moving in, so I guess they’re getting it ready for construction.

As I stood there staring I couldn’t help but think about the old
Beverly Theater that used to be there when I was a kid. The area
that the 99 cent store used up was basically the long hallway that
lead to the doors you opened to go inside, along with where the
concession stand used to be. I guess the rest of what was the main
single theater is now the PS 230 annex behind it.

It was interesting seeing that area totally void of anything, so big
and so empty before the construction starts for the new bank.
I could just see the movie posters that used to line the walls
as you walked up the long hallway before you entered the place.
Along with the ticket booth and the young teenager waiting to
collect your ticket standing by the front door.

It was a Kensington of yesteryear, just a distant memory that’s all.

But you know what, every time I walk by the PS 230 annex I hear
children’s voices, sometimes laughing and yelling inside the school.
And I can only hope they’re having as much fun as we did,
in a time when the Beverly theater stood where their school is now.

When we laughed and yelled too. So many years ago in an old
movie house in Kensington Brooklyn, that was simply known to
us as the “Beverly”.

Ron Lopez
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Anonymous said...

I think back to 1958 or so and I can smell the popcorn and remember sneaking in the back door so we could buy more candy at the concession. Saturday was a special day and the Beverly made it great.