Friday, November 7, 2008

Church Avenue thoughts

The "99-Cent Store" numbers live on
Church Avenue between McDonald and East 2

Ok, I must be blind because someone sent me an email telling
me that the eight foot high blue 99-cent store numbers actually
re-appeared two doors down. They are so big on the small
building they are bolted to, that they actually cover a part of
the window of an apartment that someone must live in.

Gee, that’s something to wake up to every morning huh?
A gigantic part of a number nine staring you in the face
while you’re eating your oatmeal.

Wow, I am so proud to have something so pretty on Church
Avenue. It really makes me feel like calling all my old friends
who grew up here down for the weekend just to see it.

I guess someone in Park Slope actually turned the offer down
to bolt them to a storefront on Seventh Avenue.

Rich Frog Toy Store
Church between East 2 and East 3

I know things are bad folks, but if we want that store to
survive we really have to throw down some dollars there
once in a while. Because every time I walk by it the owner
is standing on the sidewalk and the store is empty.

Please support this place before it becomes another nail salon.

Falafel Fusion
Church between East 2 and East 3

I know the hours are strange, but once again:
Please support this place before it becomes another nail salon.

The Buzz-a-rama 500
Church right off Dahill

My cousins are now open for the season
Saturdays 2-6
Sundays 2-6

A fun place for kid’s birthday parties, and even adults.

You know I'm starting to get this feeling that Church Avenue
is like the earth was millions of years ago. You know, when only
certain types of life forms could survive its atmospheric conditions.

Those strange little things that swam in the ocean and looked like
jelly fish. The funny looking fish with gigantic teeth and “Rodney
Dangerfield” type eyes? Or how about your simple "Foraminifera"
from 50 million years ago.

Well, maybe the nail salons and 99 cent stores are those creatures.
And the “atmospheric conditions” of high rents and “too” varied
a market of foot traffic cause them to survive and nothing else.

Because those places are always packed, while the other "nice" places
are totally empty and on the verge of going out of business.

Just my opinion, that all.

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Anonymous said...

Dont feel alone with the trend of dollar stores and nail salons, its an epidemic and a de-evolution of street scapes accross the country. I'm 300 miles away and the same crap is happining here,I agree that we have to support the independant merchant, that often puts their hearts and souls, along with their life savings to try to bring something fresh into the area. But this what we've become, as consumers, crap gobblers at the 99cent store. Dont even get me started with chain resturants replacing family owned resturants, remember Scarollas? Its everywhere though, dont feel alone in this.

Anonymous said...

I loved Scarollas and Ednas and what was that nice Chinese restaurants name? The old fashioned kind you went in and sat down and had nice polite waiters. Not the junky fast food places we see now. Where, as a kid, you'd fill up on those great noodles dipping and dipping in duck sauce! WOW.

Anonymous said...

Was it the Nom Tong Tea Garden?

Anonymous said...

Scarollas one of the best!!and do you remember Joy King on Church ave near flatbush ave.THE BEST Chinese !!!

Mike D - x E8 streeter