Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Feeling inspired

I don’t know what it is, but after I hear Obama make a
speech, I feel like painting my house or building something.
Maybe even cleaning the apartment at eleven o’clock at night.

You know what, I guess he just
has a gift of inspiring me thats all.

Yeah, a middle aged, born in Brooklyn,
mister "know-it-all", "don't tell me about anything",
because I've seen it before" type of guy.

Me feeling inspired?
Thats TOTALLY amazing,
even to me.

Shhh, and don’t tell my wife either, because she’s always asking
me to clean the house. And unlike after a “post Obama” speech,
I usually just lay there on the couch listless and un-inspired.

And even if "inspiration" is all this country needs to make
itself feel better right now, I’ll take it.

Because I have to tell you this country has been feeling
very “un-inspired” lately.

But you know for some people it’s a lot more than just
feeling inspired. My two nephews, Reed and Clay are
African American, along with my niece Grace.

And after last night there are no
boundaries for them anymore.

And the words, “maybe you can be president when
you grow up”, now really mean something for those
who never thought it could ever come true.

Ron Lopez
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A men to that. Now that you have some inspiration, I'd like to hear some more about the old days, like N.E. Tells bakery, that bagel store that was around the corner from Denny's, which while I'm on the subject, if you see Denny Ryan, ask him about the time they had to tie his three middle fingers together in order to do the scout salute back in Troop 140. I'm lovin this blog, you have a knack for telling stories,(which I can corroborate, cause I lived there) those two Park Slope guys in the paper could take a lesson from you. Will