Sunday, November 23, 2008

Windsor Terrace & Kensington Tough Guys

Here's a picture of my Ryan's Northstars team from 1975.
It was taken down at the hockey court on McDonald Avenue
between Avenue F and 18th Avenue.

(I'm the goalie on the left)
Ron Lopez


Anonymous said...

Great shot man, was that team sponsered by Denny Ryan or John Ryans bar over on Caton and E8th? Also, is that Jimmy Anderson holding the banner in front? Will

Ron Lopez said...

Will, I'm not sure which Ryan, but I played with Kevin Ryan and his dad owned the place. Yes it was on East 8th where Shananagen's is right now.

Kevin also has a brother John too.
They now own Denny's on Church and McDonald

And yes, that is Jimmy Anderson holding the banner. The guy on the right bottom row is Steven Myer who had a brother Richie Myer who was well known in the nabe.

If you ever want to have fun try Google's street view , you can go up and down every street in Kensington and WT,


Anonymous said...

Ron, thanks for the reply, I grew up right accross the street from Ryans bar on E8th, I knew em all, Jimmy lived right up the block and he lived in his skates. I am going to send some old pics of the block to your E-mail. I love what you do here keep it going,I did the street view thing, its awesome, Happy Thanksgiving, Will

eddie said...

You just made my day. I was eating my lunch and decided to google Ditmas Ave and your blog was an option so I checked it out. My name is Eddie SInger and I am a 48 year old guidance counselor living in Keene, NH, but I grew up on Ditmas Ave and East 7th St. Imagine my surprise when the picture of your hockey team from November 23, 2008 included my father Gus, seated lower left and my brother Scott, standing right behind you. Scott is three years older than I am and we both went to Ditmas JHS. My mother Ruth even worked there for a while as a school secretary. And by the way, Mr Fink on Ditmas Ave. made a pretty sick egg cream too.