Saturday, November 8, 2008

The High School of Art and Design

The years I spent at the A&D
were some of the best years
of my life. It was such a
wonderful school and
so totally cool that we even
voted not to have a prom. Imagine that?

There were many reasons for that, and some too
complicated to even get into, but it was our
decision and not the teachers.

I happened to find a real nice website that my
old school has, they even scanned in all of the
yearbooks too. I can be found in 1975.

Let me tell you, it was culture shock for a kid
from Kensington to be traveling into the "big city"
every day. And what a great group of kids to
be mixed up with after three years at Ditmas JHS.

We were a blend of straight kids, gay kids, whites,
blacks, hispanics, etc. And never once was there
a problem of any kind.

Never once.

Because there was just something about "art"
that caused us to all be color blind, geek blind,
fat kid blind, gender blind, and so on.

There were just no "walls" between us.
The kind of school where the "tough kid"
who wore the black leather jacket could sit
with the "geeky" kid at lunch and admire his

There was just something so amazing about
what "art" did for everyone there, including me.

And it was a far cry from what was going on here
in Brooklyn back in the 70's. Things were not
that pretty back home, believe me.

Hey, I never knew that Eric Karr, the second
drummer from the rock band "KISS" went
to my school. I mean I always knew Tony Bennett
went there, but Eric Carr?

Oh well, "live and learn" is what
my mom always used to say.

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