Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today I voted for the next President of the United States.
And I have to tell you that with the exception of Bush Jr.,
I have always voted for the winner.

Yeah, even Ronnie Regan, way back in 1980.

The lines at 179 were not that bad either this morning.
Nothing worse than the line at the bagel store on Church
Avenue on a Saturday morning.

Except today the reason for waiting on line was a hell of
a lot more important than a toasted bagel with butter.

So if you didn’t vote yet, you better get out there and
do it. Stop all your complaining and really make your
voice be known.

And to my tenants and friends Betty and Jeff Faberman,
thank you for traveling all the way out to Pennsylvania
to help drive people to the polls who can’t do it on
their own.

You are truly two people who actually do something,
rather than just complain and do nothing.

So good luck tonight, and I hope your candidate wins.
Even if it's someone that I don't like and I didn't vote for.

Ron Lopez

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