Monday, November 24, 2008

Tipping Tips from a Brooklyn native

Ok, so you want to tip your garbage man right?
Well, NEVER, NEVER let anyone see you do it,
especially his or her sanitation inspector
who may be following in a car.

Because it is totally against the law for them
to take it, and it could cost someone their job.

My wife, who is from Texas, once ran down with
a 20 to give our guys in Fort Greene. You know
the bill just out in the open for the world to see.

Well, the poor guys reacted like she had a bomb
strapped around her and kept telling her to
"keep back" with the money. It was the funniest
thing I have ever heard, and my wife was totally
confused because they didn't "want" it.

Truth is their inspector was actually following
them that day too, so they would have gotten
into some big trouble if they did.

Instead do the old "hidden bill in the palm trick",
when you shake their hand with a little "how ya doin"
in a real Brooklyn accent. You may also want to put
the money in an envelope inside of a card. But once
again make sure you do it in a without the "world"
looking at you. And especially their inspector who
may be right behind them in a city sanitation car.

Now, I'm not makin all this up you know, one of
my good friends just retired from Sanitation and
has "re-educated" me on the subject many times.

Because even us natives slip sometimes and
need a little talkin to by the experts.

Ron Lopez

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Anonymous said...

I have a funny story about this. When we lived out in eastern Queens, we had the same sanitation guys for 14 years, they were the greatest guys. They took everything and never complained, and we took good care of them on a regular basis. When we moved from that house I had so much crap to get rid of including a 4 ft. metal lathe that weighed 400 lbs. They filled that whole truck and had to go back to the dump when they finished, so yes, it definitly pays to be nice, Will