Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hanging out on the porch

Sorry for the blurry photo folks. From left to right; Peter Compitiello
now about 46 living in New Jersey. Jimmy Spinner, also the same age, now an English teacher up in Conneticut somewhere, and also a fellow scribe who posts to my blog. Jimmy Brier, about 47, now retired from the police department. Jimmy spent many years over in the 75 out in East New York during the very wild days of the 1980's. And me on the far right.

Picture was probably from about 1979 or 1980, shot on my front
stoop at 399 East 4th.

Ron Lopez


helen mcnallycalvello said...

oh my god seems like yesterday

Jimmy Alverio said...

My name is Jimmy, I have tried to find someone from dose days, but no luck so far.. I hanged out with Erik McFee and John Hadzovich " I think is like that( the Yugoslavian dud) who lived in East 2nd St. I lived on Chester Ave., the Puerto Rican who lived with Sandy. Im currently 50. Also hanged out at the PS-230 park, and especially at the roof of 333 McDonald Ave. Also hanged out with Kim and Kelly (The Sisters who lived at the corner bldg. right after "Buzzarama" on McDonald ave.
well I'm just checking, since your faces look very familiar. I'm at
!God Speed!