Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kensington 1975

Here are some pictures from Dan, one of our Kensington Stories readers. Thanks for the pictures Dan, hopefully they cancelled school that day because of the snow storm. I also loved those old cars back then, they were as long as a house and had trunks so big you could fit a washer and dryer inside and do your laundry.

Oh buy the way, if anyone has any old Kensington photos they would love to share, I will post them on the blog.
Please email them to:

Ron Lopez


Anonymous said...

I remember that snowstorm well. I was born in the Methodist Hospital a year before you and lived in Park Slope. Luckily your parents kept your house. We moved out in the late 1960's.

Dan said...

School wasn't cancelled that day! I'm pretty sure the photos were taken on President's Day or during college recess.