Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Too big to fail

Ok, so how many times have you heard that line of crap in the past few months, huh?

Well, at six foot three and 215 pounds, I’m too big to fail as well. That’s because I actually keep track of how much I owe on my credit cards, have been paying my mortgage once a month for the past 18 years. And have never missed a private school payment for both of my kids in the past seven years.

Let’s see, I also paid off all my car loans, kept Con Edison happy for decades, and even sold my soul to the devil in order to make my Keyspan payments through all those rough Kensington winters.

So how is it that I know where I’m going, and how much I owe, while Citibank and the rest of these clowns. The “too big to fail because they are the pillars of our economy” are all totally caught with their pants down, and suddenly are all on the verge of going bankrupt?

You mean to tell me that all the “pillars” of our economy are that weak that they can all start to go belly up that quickly?

Was anyone really looking at the “books”? Because I look at mine all the time, and basically know where I stand at any given moment.
Oh, what about if I loose my job you ask?. Well, I also have a plan in place for that scenario if it ever occurs.

Yeah, I keep track of my "books" every day
because I know I'm just too big to fail.

Ron Lopez

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