Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Blue Flame Below

A "heat season" favorite from last year

The blue flame suddenly roars to life,
it rumbles deep in the belly of the dark
basement below.

Cold rusty pipes begin to warm as fire boils dirty
brown water inside heavy steel coils. The radiator
above starts to hiss and then slowly begins to warm
it's large cast iron legs and arms.

Suddenly, it begins to drool as hot steam quickly
makes it's long journey through the highway of
conduits that lead to the silver valve screwed to
the side of it's heavy iron body.

They come alive and breathe a heavy breath,
and like warriors they stand guard in the
corners of your house.

Yes, once just warm the radiators are now hot.

Then it starts again, the tapping of the pipes
by the demons in the basement. With iron mallets
they smash at the hot iron tubes, daring you to
meet them in the dark caverns below.

But no, not to worry, just that damn air again
that somehow gets in those pipes.
Causing that horrible sound and rattling those
pipes just when your trying to fall asleep.

But then suddenly it stops,
and now it's all quiet.
Your room which was cold just a
short time ago, is now warm
and cozy.

With the softness of your pillow,
you close your eyes and fall asleep.

Sweet dreams to you, oh Kensington
homeowner, and try not to have nightmares
about your next National Grid bill.

Ron Lopez

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