Monday, November 10, 2008

The Block

You know many of the visitors to this blog are
natives just like me. Except many of them now
live far from the old nabe of Kensington.

Living on the same block you grew up on, and
especially the same house, is a special talent that
sometimes made me seem "un-motivated" in the
eyes of my old friends.

"You still living there?"

"It's a big world out there, why
are you still living in Brooklyn?"

"East 4th?, you got to be kidding?"

"Lopez, don't you ever want to see
the world?"

Well, I'm sure life out in the suburbs is
really exciting,and watching deer eat from
your front lawn is really special too.

And the world?
Well, New Jersey and Long Island aren't
exactly what I'd call "the world" buddy.

But you know what, after years of feeling like
I was left behind while everyone else left for
greener pastures.

I can honestly say,
"there's no place like home".

And besides, watching the "Rev" polish his Caddie,
is a lot more exciting than watching deer eat your
grass anyway.

So, for all my friends who visit this site, and want
to hear all the old stories, I'm not going anywhere.

And neither is Kensington,
and "Old Mother Brooklyn".

Ron Lopez
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Anonymous said...

I cant blame you for staying, your house is beautiful and yes most important you have the Holy Grail that is a driveway, hell I would have stayed too if I could have avoided the nightmare of alternate side of the street parking, Im still in therapy! but seriously, Your block totaly kicked the crap out of my old block, and my brother is still juggling his car. I just took a virtual tour of your block on Google Earth streetview. Like Borat says " very nice, great success". By the way is that the arch that collapsed accross the street? now that was some funny shit. Will

Anonymous said...

Hey Willie, Your dad was the funniest. A Guy comes up to us in a car on Friel place and asked for directions..Your dad starts to tell him, And the guy is still asking questions as your dads was speaking. Chick says to him "SHUT UP YOU CANT LISTEN WITH YOUR MOUTH OPEN.. I nearly pissed myself.
I miss the old neighborhood but Ron brings it all back to life...
I am hooked keep up the good work Ron... Mark S Hawley P.A.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, Mark, how are you man! this is great stuff right! its amazing how many people this guy mentions that we know. Thanks for the memmory of my father, he was a character, but then were'nt we all! I hope all is well with you, Im way out by State College now, but I miss those days we had on 8th st. I will be here all the time though, I love this blog, Will Roll