Thursday, December 4, 2008

The New Kensington

Ok, so you guys all know the old stories about Kensington and what is was like when I was growing up here as a kid. Church Avenue, the Beverly, Lees and Kenny’s toy stores. Korner Pizza when they first opened and charged 25 cents a slice, and all the tales about playing roller hockey on my block.

Well, for all you old timers who may be living far away from the streets that taught you well. There’s another blog you gotta check out. It is just called “Kensington Brooklyn” and here is the address:

It was kind of idle for a while due to the webmasters busy schedule, but has now come back to life under new leadership. And the best thing about it is they didn’t need to sit before congress to beg for any “bail-out” money to re-start it. No, just time, smarts, and a good keyboard to type into. The guys that work this blog, well, let’s just say their more “Kensington present” than me.

So please check out their blog, it’s some real good stuff from the new “young” minds who are moving into the old apartments and the houses you grew up in. Walking the same streets and avenues, and riding the same subway train to the city every day that you did so many years ago.

This is the “New” Kensington,
and it’s certainly worth a look.

Ron Lopez

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Steve said...

Thank you so much for the plug, Ron

Anonymous said...

I love reading all your stories about the way Kensington used to be. We lived at 625 beverly Road before Ben Gluck who owned 625 and 629 Beverly passed away...we know live around the corner but love Kensington with a passion since moving here 11 years ago from Park Slope...We are so upset that Falafel Fusion closed...Looking forward to hearing more about Kensington and the way it used to be. Our son adores Kensington as it is such a melting pot these days... This is truoly a small town!