Thursday, December 4, 2008

Talking Cars with Pete

One of my very best friends sells cars for Lexus out on Northern
Boulevard in Queens. Today we got to talking about business
and especially how things are going for him with the state
of the economy.

“Sales are down to a trickle”
“Last month we sold half of what we usually do”

And let me tell you that’s not bad, it seems that the Caddie dealer down the block from them is totally dead. That’s because their not offering any type of lease deals on their cars. So in turn Lexus is getting a lot of “lifelong” Cadillac customers who are being
shut out by GM.

“This week I did a couple lease deals with two old guys who said
they never drove anything but a Cadillac in their entire lives”.

“These guys were both in their 70’s and are first time
Japanese buyers”.

“I gotta feel bad for the guys at Caddie, but what can you do?”

Oh, well at least there’s some good news,
but too bad it’s at the expense of someone else.

Ron Lopez
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