Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Seasons Greetings from the "Block"

To all the guys and gals who now live far from home but still think about the street they grew up on.

To all the new folks who moved here to escape the high rents of
Park Slope and Carroll Gardens.

To all the new born children who roll by my house in their strollers and see same houses that I did when I was two years old.

To all the elderly who may remember my mom "Stella the dressmaker."

To all the new kids who are trying so hard to like this place.

To all of you,
Seasons Greetings from the "Block"

Ron Lopez


Pete said...

Replace the picture with one from this time of year - use your camera and get a winter shot! That's what I miss - hockey in the street when it is sub-freezing with the smell of the belching incinerators from the Ave. C apartment buildings in my nostrils...and pucks bouncing off of '73 Dusters...


Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon this site and feel like I found a Christmas gift! I grew up on Albermarle Road and McDonald Ave. and am 48 years old. I'll keep reading-Thanks and Happy New Year

Ron Lopez said...


I'll keep writing, if you keep reading!!

Ron Lopez

helen mcnally said...

hey ron its helen just got tuned in to yr blog ---- plan on consuming the whole thing during christmas vacation thanks for the memories looking forward to maybe writing a few of my own thanks again helen

Don Tartasky said...

Hi. Just came across your blog. Thanks for your time and efforts. Brings back lots of memories. An office mate (here in Wash DC) and I were discussing "appetizing stores" and a google for "Saul's" gave up your site. Lived on E. 2 and E. 5 St. Grandfather ran a fruit and vegetable store on Church Ave. Gosh, I feel ancient. But, nothing whatsoever like a NEIGHBORHOOD !!!! Don Tartasky