Monday, December 21, 2009

"A Comment about PS 179"

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"A Comment about PS 179 from Dr. Alfred Cresci":

I remember very well the days I spent at PS 179! My kindergarten teacher was Mrs. Steinic and she had an assistant, Mrs. Phillipe. This was in 1952. I spent all of my elementary years at 179 and have fond memories of all my teachers and classes there.

The bell ringers were female in the "girls yard" from K-3 and male in the boys yard' from 4-6. They said, "silence please, pass to your lines quietly" then they called the individual lines.

I remember Mr. Gartenlaub fondly as well. He was a caring principal who knew every student by name. From there I went to Ditmas JHS, EHHS, Brooklyn College and then I left NY State to attend medical school in Pennsylvania. I am now back in NY State; but much further north in the Adirondacks.



Anonymous said...

I was at PS 179 from 1948-1955. As I recall the words of the bell ringers were "Stand still, pass to your lines quietly". This was said about 5 minutes before the lines went upstairs. 5 minutes later the words said by the bell ringer were "First lines forward". The indivusdual lines were not called out separately.

Anonymous said...

I went from 57-63, and had Mrs Steinic (sp?) and Gartenlaub was principal as well. Mr. Treibach was the Asst. Principal.