Monday, December 28, 2009

Kensington 1949

This is a shot taken in front of my house right
after my grandfather "Paco" bought it in 1948.

Thats my Dad and Mom on the left along
with my aunt Dolores sitting next to my

Notice their happy faces?
Yeah, thats right, I wasn't born yet!

And you see my Grandfather looking oh
so handsome and proud?

Well, he was a laborer who worked in a
factory on Atlantic Avenue and was able to
buy 399 East 4th with the money he saved.

Minimum wage went a
long way back then,
didn't it?

Laborers and Bank Presidents
could buy a house on the
same block.

Boy, how times have changed,
how times have changed

Ron Lopez

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Patrice said...

I know what you mean. My parents moved us to 117 Ave C between E 2nd & Mcdonald in 1978. We moved from Coney Island. They purchased that house for $30,000 in 78 and sold it for a little over $200,000 in "2000".
I sooooo love Kensington still to this day. Back then your money went far. These days you're lucky if you can get an apartment there for under $900 a month.