Monday, December 28, 2009

Kensington Circa 1890 (502 East 4th)

The following picture was lent to me from John DeSimone an original East Fourth resident. This picture is of the backyard of 502 East Fourth Street, and I was told it was from the 1890's. Notice the tennis court next to the house along with the lack of houses around it.
I will do my best to get more of these pictures from John and post them on the blog.

Thanks John and Patty!

Ronnie Lopez


Anonymous said...

amazing shot, you've got to get more of these up! That house was already there a while in 1890, if you look at the cedar shingle repairs and other signs of weathering. Probably built in 1860's. How did those poor people exist without a nail salon on every corner?Will

lornagrl said...

Love, Love, Love this photo thank you for posting it. I hope you'll post more.