Monday, December 21, 2009

A Local Hero You Should Know About

You know it’s funny; you can walk around the streets you grew up on and never really know about something until your're enlightened about it by someone else. I was reading our local KWT site yesterday and came across a piece that a local resident wrote about the “triangle” that either starts or ends the split between Fort Hamilton Parkway and Caton Avenue. For all you folks that grew up here like me, it was always remembered as this derelict little piece of concrete across from the carwash right by Greenwood and Burger King. Or for you real old folks, just a stone’s throw from the “BurgerRama”, which used to be right where the Burger King is now.

Yes, in the old days you could just see either broken glass or maybe a stripped car adorning that wonderful little triangle of concrete across from one of the greatest cemeteries in the United States.

Well, times have changed and that triangle is actually a wonderful little piece of “green space” now. And right above it is a little sign that says “Col Donald Cook”. Now Donald Cook was a Windsor Terrace resident, and from what I read he actually grew up on East 2nd Street. I'm sure he went to IHM like many of us and probably walked the same streets that we all did while we were growing up here. Yes, maybe he even enjoyed a night at the "Beverly" or even bought an egg cream at Izzy and Bennies, who knows? But there's one very important thing you should know about Donald Cook. He went off to war and never returned, no he never returned to his family, or the streets of Kensington and Windsor Terrace that we all know so well.

Here is the rest of the story about Donald Cook, and I’m sure you will find it quite interesting.

And Yes, The USS Donald Cook

Ron Lopez


Josh said...

What an incredibly brave and heroic Marine-truly Brooklyn's Finest!
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Great story Thanks Ron & God Bless Donald Cook a True Brooklyn Hero