Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kensington Quiz Time (vol 6)--Solved!!!

Ok, so the "Medical Building" used to be a bank not that long ago. A "Manny Hanny" and then a "Chase". But it was something very different back in the early 60's. Does anyone know?

Well, I remember. It was a Toy Store way back in the early 60's.
And my Mom used to take me there!


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jim c said...

I used to bank at that Manny Hanny in 1981-82 and the Greater NY SB across the street but you stumped me on this one!!!

Pete said...

I remember when MHT opened they were giving away free pens - we all kept going in there as kids and swiping pens - we even swapped jackets and hats so we'd go in in disguise so as not to get caught...Steve McNally, Paulie, Robert, Ronnie and me - I can't remember if Joey was there...