Friday, December 18, 2009

Readers Comments from the "Hood"

Jimbo has left a new comment on your post "New Kensington Quiz (With a winning prize)":

Never mind North or South
How could we forget
Royale Spoting Goods
Sauls Kosher Meats
Pauls Barber Shop
The Alaskan Hut
Taubers Fruit Market
A&P Supermarket
Lil & Nicks Luncheonette
Anybodys guess Lundromat
Who remembers the comic book store or beuaty parlor and lets no forget Johns Pub for starters

Evelyn said...
There was a fruit and vegetable store in the "old days" before the supermarkets as well as a fish store on that side of the street near the meatmarket. There was also a candy store near the Greater New York Savings bank and a luncheonette called "Irvings" on the corner of Church and east 5th.

Mark B. said...
And of course the "Chinese restaurant" was Nom Tong Tea Garden with the best tomato egg drop soup on the the way, does anyone still have tomato egg drop soup on the menu?

Faride said...
Uh, how exactly is the Beverly side the north side?


Josh said...

After my wish of having the German Deli turkey and meunster cheese hero, I wish I had a Nom Tong egg roll right now followed by dessert at Benny's and Izzy's with a chocolate egg cream and a few chocolate covered raspberry jelly rings!

Anonymous said...

I remember Sauls as being more appetizing than meats...the candy store was Irvings and then Abes. Anyone remember Ralph's record shop? He was a real charachter..then came Mario at Cow Tree.