Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mark and Will on the Money!

"Looks to me like the corner of East 5th and Church Ave with the trolley underpass under Ocean Parkway (that I almost remember) in the background." Mark

"That trolley is coming out of the underpass under Ocean Pkwy, on Church Ave, I wonder if the Sportsman lounge was there yet? Those people in the picture are probably long passed, but I wish I could have seen their times in Kengsington" Will

Mark and Will got it right!



Pete said...

Yes they are both correct. The corner candy store was where Gruder worked and when I mentioned the building across the street was where we played basketball, I meant the Solomon Schecter HS gym on Tuesday nights - East 5th & Church...

Evelyn said...

That's the trolley all right! We used to take it when I was a little girl and I loved when it went under Ocean Parkway and came back out onto the street again. The luncheonette on the corner is Irving's, the place where everyone went for school supplies , egg creams and newspapers and magazines. Look at the cars in the photo. Must be early '50's. The women are standing at the trolley stop which later became the bus stop when the trolley tracks were removed and the underpass filled in. Flatbush Jewish Center is just to the right of the women (the old building). I used to play there on the steps with my friends when there were no services being held inside.