Friday, July 18, 2008

The F-Express

The F-Express was the fastest train around. There was no
way I would ever take the local because it was just that slow.

Like a shell shot out of a cannon, it would barrel from the
4th Avenue station at speeds well over 50 miles per hour.
Church Avenue, Seventh Avenue then Bergen Street.

We left everyone else behind and couldn't care less.

Yes, the F was my ride to the High School of Art and Design
every day. And it only took about 37 minutes to get to 53rd
and Lexington from Church Avenue. So who had time to
study on the train?

It's been well over 25 years since the express was
discontinued, and there's hope it may return.

But until then I still suffer on the "slow" local,
knowing that there was something so much faster
and so much better. Somewhere, a long time ago
in the Kensington Brooklyn of my youth.

Ron Lopez
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