Sunday, July 20, 2008

When Albert Shanker lived in Kensington

I only knew who Albert Shanker was after our teachers went on strike at PS 179 in 1967. That’s because Shanker lived on East 4th street between Avenue C and Cortelyou Road. It was a wood frame house on the right hand side of the street, just off Avenue C.

I remember seeing news trucks and people protesting outside his house during the strike. And let me tell you, as kids we adored the guy. I mean we were out of school for weeks during that strike,
and certainly loved every minute of it.

“Hey, Albert Shanker!”
“Hey, Albert Shanker!”

And of course he'd NEVER wave to us.

Could you imagine the most popular UFT President
in the world living in Kensington Brooklyn?

Yeah, Albert Shanker,
a hero to all us school children at PS 179.

I mean this guy was at the height of his
career then.

And he lived in Kensington.
Not Manhattan.
No, Kensington Brooklyn.

And boy, were we proud!

Ron Lopez
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Cousin Pete said...

After Al left the neighborhood, another family moved in and their son, an older teen named "Izzie" used to sell fireworks out of his basement....