Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Top Ten reasons why Proselytizing doesn’t work at Greenwood playground

#10 All the cheaply printed books
get wet under the sprinklers

#9 It’s hard to listen when that
"satanic" Mister Softee music is
playing in your head.

#8 The kids are usually keeping an eye
out for the IRS to make sure they don’t
close Little Totino’s again, so you can
talk but they won’t look or listen.

#7 My children are fascinated by
plastic limbs rather than Jesus.

#6 I thought Giuliani cleaned up
this kind of stuff.

#5 Our “hover parent” blades
will slice you apart.

#4 Try offering a free Nintendo DS
instead of crayons, my son's
not that stupid.

#3 The “Mitzvah Tank” will jump
the curb any second.

#2 Marty Markowitz's
picture is not in their books.

#1 My kids don’t listen to adults
anyway, believe me.

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1 comment:

Future Trash said...

MYes - the itzvah Tank! Can't forget that one!!