Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kensington & WT, True or False

A. The Kensington Post Office is actually a satellite
branch of the “Madame Tussaud’s” wax museum chain.
True or False

B. The people on line at the Post Office are always the
same, and are actually part of the exhibit.
True or False

C. The “Deal 99 Cent” store transforms into the old Beverly
Theater from midnight to six in the morning. And that old
guy who wears those long tube sox and sits on that red
milk crate out front is really the “mysterious owner”.
True or False

D. The “New McDonald Farm” building that straddles the
corner of Beverly and Church Avenue was once the
Greater New York Savings Bank. And in the basement
still sits a gigantic safe that was too heavy to move.
True or False

E. Bishop Ford High School was once the site of a
“trolley car turn table” that once served most of Brooklyn.
True or False

F. The IHM Church steeple is actually a missile silo
owned and operated by the Vatican.
True or False

G. Under the intersection of Church Avenue and
Ocean Parkway there’s still an old trolley tunnel.
It was used so the trolleys wouldn’t interfere with
Ocean Parkway beach traffic, and is still the cold
damp home of Robert Moses.
True or False

H. It’s a very odd coincidence but before the
Carvel opened on the corner of East 2nd street and
Church Avenue back in 1976, there was a small
candy store there. And the guy that ran the place
was simply known to us as “Cookie Puss” .
True or False

I. The Fort Hamilton Parkway subway entrance
was the best spot for “token sucking” after we’d
jam the slot with a broken Popsicle stick back
in the 70’s. But it all went South one day when
Steve McNally almost chocked on a dirty token.
True or False

J. Bobby Wilson, who drove a tow truck for Al & Leo’s
once pulled down the flagpole from the McDonald’s
on 36th street and Fort Hamilton. He actually brought
it home and cemented it in front of his house on East 4th
and it’s still stands there today "flag-less"
True or False

D-True G-True I-True J-True
The rest, well, you never know!

Ron Lopez
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1 comment:

Cousin Pete said...

E is partially true - the Bishop Ford site was a trolley garage and probably had a turntable...