Friday, July 25, 2008

How to get more hits on your senseless blog

I was amazed how many hits I got on my senseless blog in the past few days. And I have to say that insulting Park Slope probably played a big part. I mean, it just came out you know, like some type of uncontrollable “turrets”. Oh, and don’t ever insult the “No Land Grab people, because it will get you more hits than hooker on Pacific street wearing a tank top. Oh right, that was the 70’s, and I’m sure their all gone by now anyway. Please excuse my AARP moment, and no, we were always “just looking”.

Where those the same people standing on the steps of Brooklyn Boro Hall singing that 60’s song, “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot” a few years ago?

The Atlantic Avenue train yard is a “paradise”?

Give me whatever your smoking, because the last time I rode my bike by that place it looked like a “rat hole”. And yes, there really are rats there; you can see them running around like crazy too. One even tried to car jack me back in 1977, but I fought it off with my 8-track Bee Gees tape I had in my Monte Carlo.

A few miles from the Atlantic yards
there was an old stadium called Ebbets Field.
And I don’t know if that song was written then.
But knowing what happened now,
they REALLY could have used it.

Ron Lopez
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Anonymous said...

Kensington? That's that rathole near Blackpool, isn't it?