Thursday, July 24, 2008

Great Moments in Kensington History

The day a neighbors kitchen exploded after he let off a roach bomb too close to the pilot light of the stove. Although he practically destroyed his kitchen, he did finally kill all the roaches.

The day Frank’s brick arch collapsed just after he finished putting the crooked eagle on it. And yes he re-built it and it’s still there today at the entranceway of 400 East 4th. And P.S., the eagle is still crooked.

The day LBJ’s Presidential motorcade drove down Church Avenue in 1964. Where the hell was he going anyway?

The day we lit off a “block-buster” that shattered a bunch of windows on the block. Too scared to show our faces, we just stayed inside and hid form the Police for days.

The night a bunch of moms were protesting in front of the Beverly Theater because it went ‘Porno” just before it closed. The great moment in Kensington history came when one of the protesting mom’s husbands walked out of the Beverly and was caught by his
wife holding a sign.

Ron Lopez

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Anonymous said...

Do you remember the presidential parade down Church Ave in 1963 with President Kennedy? I do because I watched it from the window of our apartment on the corner of Church Ave and East 4th St. above Eagle Pharmacy. President Johnson followed a year later.