Sunday, July 20, 2008

When "Cousin Brucie" lived in Kensington

Cousin Brucie lived at 370 Ocean Parkway during
the early 70’s. When we used to walk to Ditmas JHS
back then, we’d always look for him by his building;
either being picked up by a limo or driving a hot car
that the radio station lent him.

Buy the way, 370 Ocean Parkway is that big
white apartment house with the triangular
“64 Worlds Fair” design in front.

Yeah, you've seen it a million times.

“Hey, Cousin Brucie!”
“Hey, Cousin Brucie!”

And of course he'd always wave to us.

Could you imagine the most popular radio DJ
in the world living in Kensington Brooklyn?

I mean this guy was at the height of his
career then.

And he lived in Kensington.
Not Manhattan.
No, Kensington Brooklyn.

And boy, were we proud!

Ron Lopez
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Cousin Pete said...

And don't forget Cousin Bricie used to park his "Daytona-Bird" Roadrunner (or Daytona Charger) outside his building on the Ocean Parkway service road - the only car of its kind that we ever saw (until antique car shows years later.
And I also remember him providing Helen McNally with an autographed 8x10 glossy when she stopped him on Ocean Parkway and asked for an autograph - he told her to come back the next day, same time, and he gave her the picture - at least he kept his word!